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About us

Who are we?




39, french 

Professional trainer in Positive Psychology & Coach

Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology

Diploma in Adult Training (FSEA)

ICF-certified professional coach

Sailing instructor 

Author of ""WOW" A program to develop the skill of wonder and help teenagers find meaning in nature."


Lepée, M. (2022). « WOW » : A Self-Help Program For Developing Awe Life Skill And Support Adolescents In Finding Meaning in Nature. Cortica, 1(1),196-218.

Key facts


  • + 600h of coachings (individual and group coaching, in english and french)

       >>> + 250 adults supported


  • + 100h of teaching in positive psychology (workshops and online courses)

  • + 60 hours of residential training

       >>> + 1000 people initiated/trained

My vision

The sea has been the backdrop to major personal transformations.

A human adventure that gradually helped me to understand myself better and to bring back JOY and MEANING in my life.

My passion for sailing and for human development led me to study positive psychology.

My years of research in this field and my professional practice as a coach and sailing instructor have enabled me to highlight the primordial role of NATURE and AWE (wonder) in the Happiness equation.

Today, I combine the science of psychology with coaching to offer a playful, experiential journey that combines practice, personal reflection and sharing.

A holistic approach, where each journey nourishes your emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. 



34 ans, french

Professional Skipper


Chinese Medicine Practitioner

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore certification


Key facts


+ 25 years of sailing experience in Croatia

+ 12 years of organizing cruises, skippering

Health care professional

+ 12 years of wellness coaching (Kinesitherapy - Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Numerous hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practices in France, the United States and the Netherlands.

My vision

Passionate about life and how it works, I began my career as a physiotherapist before becoming interested in ancient wisdoms, particularly Chinese medicine. These teachings enrich my understanding of physical, mental and emotional health, inspiring me to share simple, effective methods for preserving our well-being and increasing our vital potential.

At the same time, my great passion for the sea and sailing has been rooted in my childhood, particularly in the summers I spent in Croatia exploring the Dalmatian islands for over 25 years.

I then got the skipper diploma(RYA/MCA Yachtmaster offshore), realizing my desire to combine the benefits of sailing cruising with the transmission of knowledge focused on well-being.

Today, with Morgane, we share these unique experiences of reconnecting to the essential through our cruises.

Sailing in a sailboat represents for me an act of freedom, a way of let go facing the constraints imposed by the modern world. It's a lesson of humility before the force of nature and an incentive to a simpler and more enriching life, far from the superficial. It's a deep pause, an opportunity to be fully present in the moment, to awaken all our sense to live a deep sensory experience and build a free and authentic existence, in harmony with our inner being.

Positive Psychology
"Science of Happiness

Here's what the science of Happiness tells us 


Wonder contributes to:

  • Improve our mood and increase life satisfaction (Rudd, Vohs and Aaker, 2012).

  • Improve self-awareness (Shiota et al., 2007; Piff, Dietze, Feinberg, Stancato and Keltner, 2015; Bai et al., 2017). 

  • Develop our humility: The small self effect (Bai et al., 2017; Stellar et al., 2018).

  • Develop our critical thinking skills (Griskevicius, Shiota and Neufeld, 2010).

  • Strengthen our immune system.  (Stellar et al., 2015).

  • Improve prosocial behavior. (Piff et al., 2015).

  • Detach ourselves from materialism. (Koh, Tong & Yuen, 2017).

  • Bring us closer to our loved ones and humanity as a whole. (Shiota, Keltner & Mossman 2007)

Blue Health

Recent studies on Blue Health highlight the power of the sea on our well-being!

This blue health can be used to prevent all the so-called diseases of civilization, su